10 Healthy Hot and Spicy Recipes

Celebrating hot and spicy day with hot and spicy meals



There’s a day for everyone, and today’s about hot and spicy food lovers. If you’ve got hot sauce in your bag and complete every meal with a dash of Tabasco – today’s for you. Below are some of our favourite hot and spicy recipes to carry you from breakfast through to dessert.



Shakshuka on a budget  from Green Kitchen Stories

Shakshuka is a Middle Eastern / Israeli dish where you cook eggs into a hot and spicy tomato mixture. This version adds kale and peppers to the tomato base and serves it up with some fresh bread.

Breakfast Tacos from Nutreats

Savoury breakfasts are ideal after long workouts or when it’s more of a brunch. These taco’s are the complete dish carbs, protein a spicy sauce and creamy avocados.



Spicy Harissa Fish with Lentils from Sarah Graham

Harrisa is a spicy chili paste and is added to the pan the fish fillets are fried in to give them a super spicy taste. It’s served over lentils for an added dose of protein.


Roasted Carrot Soup with Spicy Chickpea Croutons from Nutreats

This happens to be our favorite soup and the addition of crispy chickpea croutons makes it all the better. You can also skip the soup and just make the spicy croutons as a snack.



Nasi Goreng with Chicken and Brocolli from Bits of Carey

Nasi Goreng is a spicy fried rice dish with Indonesian flavours. This version uses broccoli and chicken and is topped with a fried egg.

Morrocan Meatballs with grilled aubergine and spicy tomato relish from Ben’s Kitchen Blog

Spicy meatballs with eggplant and a spicy tomato sauce. Serve with grains and supper is made.

One Pot Chickpea Tiki Masala from Making Thyme

One pot is all you need to make this vegetarian take on Tiki Masala.



Balsamic Spiced Mixed Nuts from Food Fashion Party Drinks

Buy plain nuts in bulk and then roast them in this spicy balsamic rub for a quick protein packed snack.



Spicy Soya Chai from Taste

The perfect drink for chilly nights. If you don’t drink soya milk replace with almond or regular.


Spicy Fruit Salad from Minimalist Baker

Lime and chilli powder is added to this fruit salad to make the flavours pop.


Stop Motion by the Nutreats Studio


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Zissy Lewin

Zissy Lewin

Zissy is the co-founder of Nutreats. A Wits University graduate, she earned a Bcom (Hons) (Cum Laude) in Business Management. She’s a writer, runner and passionate about the 3 f’s – food, fashion and fitness. When she’s not inhaling the latest news, trends and ideas you can find her in the kitchen figuring out how to turn a broccoli head into a meal.
Zissy Lewin
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