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3 Mini Book Reviews: Feeling Festive With Cecelia Ahern

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3 Mini Book Reviews: Feeling Festive With Cecelia Ahern

Amy Wannenburgh
3 Mini Book Reviews Feeling Festive With Cecelia Ahern

The festive season has officially arrived! Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there’s a lot to love about twinkling lights, pulling crackers, plates of food, and the red, green and silver decorated throughout every shopping mall. And in the spirit of this season, I’m sharing 3 books perfect for a cosy night of reading. Although they’re not explicitly “Christmas” books, Cecelia Ahern’s stories are ideal reading for this magical time of the year.  


1.  The Time Of My Life by Cecelia Ahern

Ahern balances heartbreak and joy in this story about a woman who has an appointment with her Life. The story is just as unique and quirky as it sounds. Lucy is a character who’s always always rushing around, missing out on dates, avoiding her friends and family, and then she gets confronted by a man who claims he’s her Life. And basically tells her that she needs to start Living.  
It’s a funny, beautiful, magical story, with an important message at its heart. 

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2. The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern

When Sabrina discovers a collection of her father’s possessions, she unlocks memories, secrets, and stories about a man and people she realised she never truly knew. This book delves into complicated relationship dynamics – father-daughter, siblings, husband-wife, and more – while delivering dark humour, witty dialogue, and a riveting plotline. 

It’s a spellbinding novel with thought-provoking themes.    


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3. The Book Of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

In this novel, 16 year-old Tamara Goodwin discovers a leather-bound book, locked with a gold clasp and padlock, when a travelling library visits her small town. What she reads changes her world, teaches her valuable lessons about her own life and troubled nature, and teaches her about the power of tomorrow and how it can affect the present. 

I loved the homely setting of this story, as well as the colourful characters in Tamara’s life. It’s a fascinating, entertaining, and original novel. 


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What are your favourite festive books?

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