5 Motivational Songs to get you in the mood for Rio

5 Songs to get you in the mood for Rio

More motivation than a pinterest board, these 5 motivational songs will have you ready for Rio

5 Songs to get you in the mood for Rio

Olympic themed songs tend to sound like what I imagine a Pinterest wall of motivational mantras would sound like if Pinterest could hold a tune.

These songs are filled with gems like

“Life’s a race that I’m going to win” (Muse – Survival)

 “It’s the moment you’ll think you can’t you discover that you can” (Celine Dion – The Power of the Dream”


“aim high, believe you can fly” (Bryan Adams and Nelly Furtado – Bang the Drum)


That being said, there’s a reason why motivational quotes are popular and there’s times when you want to listen to a song filled with cheesy inspirational lyrics.

As Rio 2016 nears – our time has arrived! (Taoi Cruz – world in our hands). If you want a little inspiration to reach your dreams or just finish a run, these 5 motivational songs will get you there.


  1. Thiaguinho and Projota – Alma e Coração

This is the official song for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Thuagiuno says the song sounds like Brazil and is about “fighting hard and giving your best, with your heart and soul.” According to Projota it’s a song about overcoming a situation. It’s about lifting your self-esteem, about running, fighting, making things happen.


Pintrestable Line:

“Make it happen”


  1. Katy Perry – Rise

Rise is the official song for NBC’s coverage of the Rio Olympic Games. According to Katy Perry who co-wrote the song, it’s one that’s been brewing inside of her for years and speaks to the need for the world to unite as one.


Pintrestable Line:

I won’t just survive

Oh, you will see me thrive


  1. Gloria Estefan – Reach

Reach was the official song for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics

Pinterestable line:

Some days are meant to be remembered

Those days we rise above the stars

So I’ll go the distance this time

Seeing more the higher I climb

That the more I believe

All the more that this dream will be mine


  1. Whitney Houston – One moment in time

One moment in time was recorded for the 1988 Summer Olympics and Parlympics in Seoul, South Korea and is an anthem for believing in yourself against all odds.

Pinterestable Line:

I want one moment in time

When I’m more than I thought I could be

When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away

And the answers are all up to me


  1. Taio Cruz – world in our hand

World in our hands was the official song for the ZDF coverage of the 2012 London Olympic Games

Pinterestable Line

we’re strong and we’re fast

Our time has come at last


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