9 Things To Know This Week (1 December 2017)

9 Things To Know This Week (1 December 2017)

A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories around the web this week.


1. Why high-tech shoes, like the Nike Vaporfly worn during the sub 2-hour attempt, and other performance enhancing devices should be banned [Times Live]


2. 5 of the most epic ultra trail runs in the world according to Ryan Sandes [RedBull]


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3. There’s no shortage of diets or people with opinions about diets. One of the weirder diets out there merges technology and diet by selling diets based on genetic and microbiome sequencing. Turns out the actual science is lacking [Fast Company]


4. If you struggle to get enough sleep, here’s a new way to think about bedtime to make you get a bit more [The Cut]


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5. How to build more muscles without eating more protein – this article includes a 10 minute podcast [Quick and Dirty Tips]


6. How siblings make our lives healthier and happier [NPR]


7. The City of Cape Town has launched a dashboard to keep residents up to date with water news and Day Zero – which is the day Cape Town reaches 13,5% dam storage. The dashboard will be updated weekly. The current date is 20 May 2018, but as water usage increases or decreases that date will move. The impact of Day Zero will see Cape Town’s taps running dry and residents having to queue for water [City of Cape Town]


8. 3 supplements you can stop taking and get from real food [Outside Magazine]


9. A genius hack to make canisters and Tupperware more useful [The Kitchn]


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Zissy Lewin

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