9 Things To Know This Week (1 July 2016)

9 Things to Know (1 July 2016)

9 Things to know this week from the stories around the web

9 Things to Know (1 July 2016)

  1. Ernestine Shepherd regularly wakes up at 2.30am for a 16km run and weight trains 4 times a week. She also just turned 80 making her the world’s oldest female weight-lifter. If you google aging goals, this is the face you’ll see [People]


  1. 5 tips to get in your workout during the cold months [All4women]


  1. It’s not just what you eat, it’s when you eat. A new study revealed that those who eat at regular times every day are less prone to obesity and Diabetes. [Time]


  1. It’s Tour de France season. You can sit on your couch and watch it, or you can get on your bike and celebrate the tour these 5 ways [Bicycling]

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  1. You waste more than 10% of your beauty products because you can’t get the last bits out. That’s about to stop with this new bottle design which is so slippery everything falls out with ease [Fast Company]


  1. Don’t let a lack of funds stop you from getting out and exploring your city. Thamar Houliston found the best 15 wellness spots in Cape Town that are budget friendly [Cape Town Travel]

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  1. 5 Boozy drinks your doctor would approve of [Mind Body Green]


  1. Even famous chefs have their standby foods. In every one of his book, Ottolenghi will include these 3 ingredients tweaked slightly [Food52]


  1. The world’s getting ready for the Olympics. Except for Russia that is, the ban on Russian athletes is still in effect. Russian athletes may not be winning, but drug free sport just got one point [Outside Online]

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