9 Things to Know this Week (1 March 2019)

9 Things to Know this week 1 March 2019

A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories on the web this week


1. These are the top global health threats for 2019 according to the WHO [BuzzFeed News]


2. How the outdoors can have a positive affect on kids mental health [QZ]


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3. 12 airport designs that are designed to make you spend more and reduce the chances of you getting lost [Mental Floss]


4. Overloading on oranges and chicken soup won’t actually help you get over a flu faster. I’ll still be eating both because they feel so good when you don’t feel so good. [Outside Online]


5. The ultimate guide to using adaptogens [Chalkboard Mag]


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6. How not to fall for viral scares [Wires]


7. South Africa is currently in talks to completely phase out and ban single use plastics [Good Things Guy]


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8. Five things to do in Clarens [Minky’s]


9. Why we use words at work that we would never use anywhere else [The Cut]


Main Collage by Feige Lewin


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