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9 Things to Know (10 July 2016)

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9 Things to Know (10 July 2016)

Zissy Lewin
  • 9 things to know and interesting reads from around the web
9 Things to know (10 July 2016)
  1. Nike’s sportwear is usually on point. The Nike women’s Wimbledon outfits however were not. It looked like an oversized tank top and instead of moving seamlessly with players, and practically flew off with each strike. Winner Serena Williams got her own customised dress which looked amazing and fit like a glove. [For the Win]
  2. A no equipment needed arm workout by Kayla Itsines [Women’s Health]
  3. Instagram amongst many other things has become an incredible weight loss platform. Dieters have flocked to Instagram more so than any other platform as it allows them the support of a community along with some privacy. [NY Times]
  4. 10 rookie travel mistakes and how to avoid them [Refinery29]
  5. Salt, sweet, spice and sour make up the four flavours of Asian cooking. These are the staples you need for Asian cooking [taste]
  6. A Thai pumpkin soup to get you started with Asian cooking [Bits of Carey]
  7. Not all vegans are yoga loving hippies. Patrick Baboumian is a German body builder named the strongest man in Germany in 2011, who is smashing stereotypes of what a vegan looks like and the strength plants can give [CNN]
  8. How to delete your online presence and disappear from the internet completely [Good Things Guy]
  9. Why we get hiccups and how to cure them [Vox]
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