9 Things to know this week (10 March 2017)

9 Things to know this week (10 March 2017)

A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories around the web this week


1. Last minute tips for the Cape Town Cycle Tour this weekend [Bicycling]


2. The diet secrets of the world’s healthiest countries are actually delicious. Brink on more Bibibamp and yogurt [NY Post]


3. There’s a big probability we’ll see the first humans settle on mars. There are two programs whose mission is to get people to and living on the planet – Mars one and the one being led by SpaceX. For those planning on going, here’s what happens to your brain in space [The Science of Us]


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4. This is why and how you should use the grain Sorghum [Sarah Graham]


5. How to find the secret hiking trail on Table Mountain [Good Things Guy]


6. 8 habits to break if you want to increase productivity, is actually a really good list of things we do that we should stop doing like multi-tasking [Forbes]


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7. A leg workout that will turn your legs into jelly (and tone them) [Torie Alexander]


8. How wellness experts get rid of brain fog, refocus and get energised [Mind Body Green]


9. If you regularly break out along your jawline this could be why [Well + Good]


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