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9 Things to Read This Week (11 February 2022)

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9 Things to Read This Week (11 February 2022)

9 Things to Read This Week (11 February 2022)

1. “Popcorn brain is the actual biological effect of what happens to our brain when we spend too much time online. Our brain circuitry starts “popping” from being overstimulated by this fast-paced information.” more details + what to do. [Dr Aditi]

2. Why short workouts work. [Joe Holder Medium]


3. 6 tips for getting a better manicure. [The Times]


4.  3 tips for handling communication overload. [Fast Company]


5. An ode to running and a reminder you’re never too old to start. [Hello Gloria]


6. Why we count babies’ ages in months. [The Atlantic]


7. The link between your gut and immunity. [Goop]


8. Long runs train your heart, sprints train your muscles which is why you should be changing things up according to the latest research. [Outside Online]


9. Minky’s latest online magazine is out and there’s a recipe from us inside! [Minky’s]

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