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9 things to know this week (14 September 2018)

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9 things to know this week (14 September 2018)

Zissy Lewin
  • A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories on the web this week
9 Things to Know 14 September 2018
  1. Get ready to start walking and cycling to work. Or never leaving the house again. Petrol prices are on the up again. The latest price hike will see us paying close on R17 per litre [Wheels24]
  2. This is what stretching after exercise actually does [QZ]
  3. 6 classic South African dishes with a twist, like a pap as pizza twist [Taste]
  4. How to create an eco-friendly patio [Garden and Home]
  5. Turns out saunas are good for you, scientifically speaking [Chicago Tribune]
  6. Another reason to get more shuteye: New research shows that a lack of sleep can impact your blood sugar, which may lead to Diabetes [Mind Body Green]
  7. 5 Reasons you need to file your tax return [TaxTim]
  8. It requires no special equipment, no fees; but it’s the best exercise you can do. It’s walking briskly often and here’s why [Outside Online]
  9. A beginners guide to buying and using essential oils [Refinery 29]
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