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9 Things to Know This Week [15 March 2019]

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9 Things to Know This Week [15 March 2019]

  • A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories on the web this week
9 Things to Know This Week [15 March 2019]


  1. All the questions you may [or may not] have about that Boeing 737 Max 8 answered. [NY Times]
  2. Your emotions spread wider than you think and good vibes are actually contagious [Outside Online]
  3. 7 incredible safari experiences in South Africa [Tails of a Mermaid]
  4. What happens when kids discover their whole lives are online? A really interesting piece which includes thoughts from kids on their photos and information being published online without them being fully aware [The Atlantic]
  5. 6 recipes for the Keto curious that tbh look really good even if you’re not curious [Goop]
  6. Is it possible to reverse a cavity with  food? A dentist explains [Mind Body Green]
  7. How often to switch up your workout routine for max results [Women’s Health]
  8. Why you shouldn’t post a picture of your boarding pass online [Well + Good]
  9. Why it’s not enough to know glaciers are disappearing. We need to understand their link to the people and communities they surround [Ted]
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