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9 Things to Know This Week (15 September 2017)

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9 Things to Know This Week (15 September 2017)

9 Things to Know This Week (15 September 2017)
  1. From digestion to elixirs to cleaning; here’s how nutritionists use apple cider [Mind Body Green]
  2. This is what SPF really means and why you need sunscreen [pHformula]
  3.  A foot is like a fingerprint, or so says Salomon who are producing the very first fully customizable running shoe which will scan a runner’s foot to get the perfect made to fit measurements [Outside Online]
  4. 6 mistakes you make that negate a superfood’s benefits [Women’s Health]
  5. Our eavesdropping abilities develop in early childhood and it turns out is not a bad habit but a crucial part of our modern day survival. Here’s how listening into other people’s conversations can make you a better person [Quartz]
  6. Why John McInroy is urging you to consider removing completely or reducing your consumption of animals and animal products and how he believes it can change the environment [John McInroy]
  7. 3 recipes from Chef Seamus Mullen to boost immunity and improve your gut health [Well + Good]
  8. Good to know travel tips [Good Things Guy]
  9. Everything you need to know about the limited edition Iphone X [Fast Company]
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