9 things to know this week (17 August 2018)

9 Things to know this week (18 August 2018)

A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories on the web this week.


1. According to scientists this song can reduce anxiety by 65%. [Good Things Guy]


2. Why you need to be eating both probiotics and prebiotics [The Chalkboard Mag]


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3. If you feel like you need to dust your home constantly here’s tricks to making your space less prone to collecting dust; plus genius ideas for making dusting easier like using socks to dust blinds! [Apartment Therapy]


4. A neuroscientist on whether female and male brains are really different [The Atlantic]


5. How to answer the “what are your weaknesses” interview question [The Cut]


6. The injuries you shouldn’t be training through and what to do instead [ Runner’s World]


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7. 2 simple tricks to turning something you hate into a daily habit [Greatist]


8. A great piece on the rise of the new attention economy, how technology and apps reel us in and how it’s causing us to become too over-connected with technology and disconnected from our own life’s purpose [NY Times]


9. You can’t plant potatoes and expect carrots. Why Cross Fit Endurance won’t help runners get better or faster [Strength Running]


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Zissy Lewin

Zissy Lewin

Zissy is the co-founder of Nutreats. She likes to make things, do things and wear things.
Zissy Lewin
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