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9 Things to Read This Week (18 December 2020)

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9 Things to Read This Week (18 December 2020)

Zissy Lewin
9 Things to Read This Week (18 December 2020)

1. Disinformation expert Carl Bergstrom on how to stay calm and make sense of pandemic news and why someone changing their mind isn’t a red flag. [Scientific American]


2. A curious eater’s guide to alternative flours, just because you can grind something into a flour doesn’t mean you should. [Outside Online]


3. Dietician Jessica Kotlowitz shares her tips for eating healthy over the holiday season. [Cape Talk]


4.Psychological strain can show up as “stress skin.” Treating it is easier (and more affordable) than you think, especially for those who enjoy a good cry… [NY Times]


5. Today is the youngest you’ll ever be – enjoy it! and other tips on aging gracefully. [Goop]


6. “My world has become a village. Yours too, probably. We stay indoors because we’ve been told to. And when we go out we stick close to home, the same streets, the same walks, chafing at the boundaries but feeling safe within them too.” 2020 in an essay. [Vogue]


7. A look at eight vegan egg substitutes and how they rank against each other. Still gobsmacked about sparking water. [The Kicthn]


8. The 14 best sleep tips of 2020. [Mind Body Green]


9. Some cute ideas for giving gifts this year from a distance. [Shondaland]

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