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9 Things To Know This Week (19 July 2019)

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9 Things To Know This Week (19 July 2019)

Zissy Lewin
9 Things To Know This Week (19 July 2019)

1. Want to know what you’ll look like in 80 years? There’s an app for that (but you’ve probably already seen the hundreds of images floating around the social web by now). An app that happens to be Russian and has a worrying clause in the privacy agreement you clicked before accepting. Here’s the low-down on how worried you should be about your data and privacy if you’ve been FaceApped [vox].


2. Strategies to ensure financial security [ Take Charge of Your Money Blog].


3. Dare to be idle, or do niks. It’s called Niksen and it’s the new Hygge [Time].


4. Elon Musk’s  latest venture involves brain technology to help treat brain disorders and preserve and enhance your brain. Operation date is set for next year [Digital Tech].


5. How to know whether to apply cold or heat to injuries [Swirled].


6. Can you talk yourself into better performance? A new study says yes [Outside Online].


7. How to think like an optimist [Goop].


8. How to cope if flying gives you anxiety [Refinery29].


9. 10 destination races to turn into a holiday [Women’s Health].

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