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9 Things To Read This Week (19 March 2021)

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9 Things To Read This Week (19 March 2021)

9 Things To Read This Week (19 March 2021)


1. A look at the vaccine roll-out and when you can expect to get vaccinated. [Daily Maverick]


2. Why would any sane person take up running? [Outside Online]


3. If your joints have ever cracked as you stood up, this is why. [Well + Good]


4. The dirty dozen and clean 15 list of 2021, plus what to know about them. [Mind Body Green.]


5. I found this article with video on why the height of Mount Everest keeps changing. Fascinating. [Vox]


6. The rules of applying natural looking blush. [Vogue]


7. If you suffer from laptop posture, here’s how to fix it. [GQ]


8. ‘The more we pay attention to something, the more its signal is amplified’ – from this article on how your brain impacts the feeling of pain. [Elemental Medium]


9. A long delightful read on Nigel Slater’s love of ceramics and food and food that gets served in ceramics. [WePresent]


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