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9 Things to Read This Week (19 November 2021)

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9 Things to Read This Week (19 November 2021)

9 Things to Read This Week (19 November 2021)

1. The healing power of reminiscing. [Shondaland]


2. If you’ve ever peeled a butternut squash and experienced that awful dry hands covered in an orange film which is impossible to wash off, you’re not alone. It’s called squash hands or in most extreme cases squash dermatitis, and suddenly my hate of peeling butternut makes sense. [Bon Appetit]


3. A little humour in computer functions I wish I had in real life. [The New Yorker]


4. Should road races separate the pros from the masses? [Outside Online]


5. Is body neutrality healthier than body positivity? [Vogue]


6. How long are leftovers good for? [Well + Good]


7. How the pandemic is changing kitchen design.[The Kitchn]


8. Tips for visiting the Kruger. [Minky’s]


9. How to test your agility and why it matters. Planning on doing this! [Well+Good]

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