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9 Things to Know This Week (2 December 2016)

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9 Things to Know This Week (2 December 2016)

Zissy Lewin
  • A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories around the web this week
9 Things to Know This Week (2 December 2016)
  1. Forget your fitbit, the latest wearable technology is clothing. Wearable Tech Company, Athos is coming out with athletic wear that’ll be able to tell you if you’re squatting more with one leg and send that data to your phone. [Nature News]
  2. Tis’ the season. Of smoothies. Try this Alkalizing green breakfast smoothie to jump start your day. [Trainer Hinton]
  3. Thursday was World Aids Day. While there is still no cure for the disease affecting over 37 million people worldwide, these 4 scientific breakthroughs are small glimmers of hope. [Huffington Post]
  4. These confessions of an Instagram influencer will change the way you look at popular Instagram accounts. [Bloomberg]
  5. Is there a difference nutritionally speaking between fresh and frozen produce? Not really, so eat as many fruit and veg as you can in whatever form you enjoy. [NY Times]
  6. There’s a diet named after French women, for their seeming inability to gain weight whilst regularly indulging in croissants and four course meals. Their good health comes down to more than just what they’re eating, but rather comes down to the education of taste. Children are taught to enjoy their food, getting pleasure out of every bite and focused family meals are the norm. [Quartz]
  7. South Africa is participating in an experimental vaccine programme that could prevent HIV infection. [Good Things Guy]
  8. Commando or not? What you should be wearing under yoga leggings, this OBGYN explains [Mind Body Green]
  9. 5 Light and summery meals to make this week [Taste]
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