9 Things to Know this Week (20 April 2018)

9 Things to Know this Week (20 April 2018)

A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories on the web this week


1. 5 Things you should always do after a workout [Kayla Itsines]


2. 27 Things you never knew Google Chrome could do [Fast Company]


3. Every question you’ve ever had about healthy eating answered from what’s the best diet, to is gluten bad for you to what the heck is a microbiome [Grub Street]


4. The apps to download if you take your food seriously [Minkys]


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5. Airplanes of the future are going to have bunkbeds in the cargo hold for flyers to rent out [Wired]


6. For most runners, Boston is THE one, the marathon that started them all. If you watched it or missed it, here are the highlights of a marathon that saw runners running 42.2km in pouring rain and winds and a novice runner podium [Outside Online]


7. How to honour your imperfections with the Japanese Art of ‘Kintsugi’ [Shinetext]


8. How to release a tight jaw and neck, and yes I did the moves it took 5 minutes and felt fantastic [Mind Body Green]


9. 4 super quick breakfasts you can make at work that aren’t cereal [Women’s Health]


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