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9 Things to Read This Week (20 August 2021)

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9 Things to Read This Week (20 August 2021)

9 Things to Read This Week (20 August 2021)

1. “Memories of traumatic experiences are a curious thing. Some are vivid; some are pale; pretty much all of them have been emended in some way, great or small. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to our curated reels. We remember the trivial and forget the exceptional. Our minds truly have minds of their own.” and  “here are people that need me. And that, in itself, is life. There are people I do not know yet that need me. That is life.” are just two standout lines from this long read that combines grief, conspiracy and memory into a breathtakingly sad and beautiful story. [The Atlantic]


2. A guide to getting thicker hair that includes advice on what to eat, how to wash it, how to cut it and even brush it! [Vogue]


3. A genius way to repurpose those mesh bags garlic and ginger come in. [The Kitchen]


4. How to reclaim your right to be bored. [Medium]


5. A guide to pie that has me wanting to bake a pie. [food52]


6. How social media’s redesigns manipulate us. [The New Yorker]


7. If you love local travel, give Minky’s new online magazine a read. [Minky’s]


8. A look at rythmic breathing and how it can make you a better runner. [Runner’s World]


9. You reach a certain age where an article on the best  sleeping position based on your aches and pains is a link you click on, read and apply. [Well + Good]

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