9 Things to know this week (20 July 2018)

9 Things to know this week (20 July 2018

A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories on the web this week


1. Why it’s so hard to stop reading book you don’t even like, a read for any one who’s stuck out a bad book (or article) just because you started it [The Cut]


2. In the war against single use plastic, the plastic straw has become enemy number one. More and more restaurants, shops and fast food joints are committing to do away with them in the next few years. This sounds like great news, but for some people with disabilities the removal of disposable straws is another obstacle they have to navigate in a world that doesn’t always accommodate them. This article made me think and gave a voice to people who don’t always have the choice I have to say no [NPR]


3. 10 hikes to do in KZN [Country Life]


4. A guide to creating any bright and zingy green sauce [Food52]


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5. Why embracing negative emotions can be good for you [Very Well Mind]


6. Veganism, Vegetarianism and the menstrual cycle. How what you eat can affect your cycle [Clue]


7. The fastest bikes of the Tour de France [Bicycling]


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8. The Thai boys speak out about their harrowing experience and what they learnt [Vox]


9. Suzelle DIY’S winter hacks cause it’s cold outside (and inside) [Suzelle DIY]


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Zissy Lewin

Zissy Lewin

Zissy is the co-founder of Nutreats. She likes to make things, do things and wear things.
Zissy Lewin
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