9 Things to Know this Week ( 21 September 2018)

9 Things to Know this Week ( 21 September 2018)

A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories on the web this week


1. “But perhaps what is most unusual about Kipchoge, 33, and his diet of monastic extremes is the one thing he does not do: overextend himself in training. He estimates that he seldom pushes himself past 80 percent — 90 percent, tops — of his maximum effort when he circles the track for interval sessions, or when he embarks on 25-mile jogs. Instead, he reserves the best of himself, all 100 percent of Kipchoge, for race day — for the marathons he wins, for the records he chases” .

He broke the world record in the Marathon this Sunday, blazing in, in 2 hours, 1 minute and 39 seconds, here’s who Eliud Kipoche is and how he trains [NY Times]


2. A genius non dairy trick for turning veggies into cream [Food 52]


3. Instead of tossing  the ends of herbs and veg, you can regrow them in your kitchen, no soil required [Food and Home]


4. 5 safe places to take your mountain bike and ride [Women’s Health]


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5. Your dictionary to skin care – from ingredients to treatments and everything in between [Allure]


6. Forget the new iPhones Apple released. The new Apple watch will be able to detect abnormal heart rates as well as detect if you fall, and then call for help [NPR]


7. How to better manage your time on social media ie. reduce it [The Chalkboard Magazine]


8. The case for writing a good old fashioned thank you note [Time]


9. 10 makeup artist share their best tips [Goop]


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