9 Things to Know this Week (22 June 2018)

9 Things to Know this Week (22 June 2018)

A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories on the web this week

1. That huge scale on the biggest loser is fake and other things I learnt about the popular weight loss show [Women’s Health]


2. If you’ve ever been told sitting cross legged causes varicose veins, this clears that up. I did hear it’s bad for your ITB, so you may want to avoid crossing your legs if you’re prone to ITB pain [NY Times]


3. ICYMI I have tight hips (hey running and not enough stretching!), I’ll be trying this quick 2 part trick to unlock tension, will report back if it works [Mind Body Green]


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4. No one brings the drama like a soccer player. All that falling, diving and flailing around are more than just theatrics, they’re tactics to win. Here’s why they do it [Vox]


5. How to make the crispiest chicken, warning you need more than 24 hours so prep in advance [Taste]


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6. 7 things to do to make your workouts more efficient [PopSugar]


7. To wash or not to wash, here’s what to wash to prevent the spread of illness (and what not to wash) [NPR]


8. How responding to messages immediately may be hurting you in the long run [Greatist]


9. Mistakes to avoid at your next spin class [Spinning and Yoga]


Main Collage by Feige Lewin9 Things to Know this Week (22 June 2018)

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