9 Things to Know This Week (23 March 2018)

9 Things to Know This Week (23 March 2018)

A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories on the web this week


1. Life-changing lessons in how to pack right for travel. And those people carrying a million and two bags in airports he feels sorry for? I’m one of them [Outside Online]


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2. How to find meaning in old age and lessons like “older people, knowing they face a limited time in front of them, focus their energies on things that give them pleasure in the moment” that can be applied no matter your age. [NY Times]


3. You can never have enough smoothie bowl recipes. Case in point this chocolate raspberry bowl to make before it gets too cold [Fit Metal Head]


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4. Doctors don’t know how to deal with women’s pain and how women’s tendency to downplay symptoms affects their medical care [The Cut]


5. How to train your toes to run faster [Runner’s World]


6. How to Build Muscle on a vegetarian diet [Born Fitness]


7. I discovered March is Endometriosis month, thanks to Luci. Here’s the 101 on Endometriosis to better understand what it is, how to get diagnosed and what the treatment options are [Clue]


8. How to make better use of everything you read [Quartz]


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9. 10 Things I Learned since I lost my son is filled with things we can all benefit from doing more [Good Things Guy]


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