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9 Things to Know This Week (25 April 2019)

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9 Things to Know This Week (25 April 2019)

Zissy Lewin
  • A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories on the web this week
9 Things to Know This Week (25 April 2019))


  1. The meanings behind 53 laundry labels [Well and Good]
  2. These new tools help you calculate just how much plastic waste you go through a year; plus give tips on how to reduce your usage [Fast Company]
  3. How the process of deciding which species are extinct, extinct in the wild, endangered or threatened actually works [National Geographic]
  4. Why drinking glasses get cloudy and how to fix them [The Kitchn]
  5. Why you should keep your work space free of clutter [HBR]
  6. A new life saving malaria vaccine has been introduced in Malawi [Good Things Guy]
  7. What some of the most popular emoji meanings are not what you think. Also the excited face is really a hugging face. [Refinery29]
  8. 6 Hikes you can do with your dog in Cape Town [Country Life]
  9. 19 Good things that happened to the planet this year [Mind Body Green]


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