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9 Things to Read This Week (26 March 2021)

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9 Things to Read This Week (26 March 2021)

9 Things to Read This Week (26 March 2021)

1. “It’s not a case of “how do you find your ideas”, instead it’s about asking which ideas you’ll work on today. Which ones you may share with the world. Because no matter how it lands, no matter who even reads it, looks at it, or engages with it, the alternative is to not even try and scratch that itch.” – from this essay on making stuff [Belinda Mountain]


2. Why water is the most important ingredient in your kitchen. [Bon Appetit]


3. If you love making to-do lists. [Mind Body Green]


4.  3 simple rules for a better diet. [GQ]


5. Do you know what your support language is? [Goop]


6. Easy ways to refresh you space. [The Everygirl]


7. How to be more realistic about the time you have for work. [HBR]


8. A DIY cleaning solution and method for getting sparkly  streak free windows I wish I saw a month ago. [Food52]


9. How the pandemic has affected our social lives and boundaries. [The Cut].


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