9 Things to Know this week (26 May 2017)

9 Things to Know this week (26 May 2017)

A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories around the web this week.



1. You have no sense of time when you’re born. Here’s how it develops. Over time [The Science of Us]


2. The top elite contenders for this years’ Comrades Marathon [Runner’s World]


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3. If you find yourself drenched after workouts, you may want to start saving for this workout shirt. It uses bacteria and has flaps that open and close depending on your temperature to cool you down and prevent the drip [NY Mag]


4. One of my least favorite workout moves is the one-legged squat, but considering when you move you’re very rarely on both feet it’s one of the best moves you can practice. Here’s why + 3 variations [Outside Online]


5. We’re living in a time when nuts are milked, you can be dairy free and still eat “cheese”, turn an eggplant into bacon and flour no longer means gluten. While this is making some people incredibly happy, others are mad. First dairy farmers petitioned to stop plant based companies from calling their liquid products “milk” and now rice farmers want people to stop labelling finely grated cauliflower as cauliflower rice. [Quartz]


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6. According to a survey, Instagram was ranked as the most dangerous social media app for young people’s mental health [Huffington Post]


7. Why we need to stop putting pressure on new moms to start exercising and get back in shape post-birth [Strong is Strong]


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8. The best turmeric recipes, if you want to use more of the yellow spice [Mind Body Green]


9. Easy breakfast prep ideas [Kayla Itsines]


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