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9 Things to Read This Week (27 March 2020)

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9 Things to Read This Week (27 March 2020)

Zissy Lewin
9 Things to Read This Week (27 March 2020)

1. Historian, Yuval Noah Harari on the world after caronavirus “This storm will pass. But the choices we make now could change our lives for years to come”. [Financial Times]


2. How to make the viral whipped coffee + if it’s even worth it. [The Kitchn]


3. This article beautifully articulates the feelings we’re all feeling right now and labels it as grief. For once you have a label, you can manage it and they give things to do to help you as you navigate through these turbulent times. It also goes into the stages of grief as they apply to Covid-19 including a 6th stage – meaning; with the hope that we’ll all find meaning in the darkest hours. [HBR]


4. 21 museums around the world doing free virtual tours. [Travel + Leisure]


5. Red: A poem for the current times. [Belinda Mountain].


6. How panic buying revealed the problem with the modern world. Although a UK article,  the majority is relevant to SA and anywhere else that has seen panic buying. [The Atlantic]


7. 10 wholesome snacks for kids that won’t leave them on a sugar high, also very adult friendly. [Taste]


8. At home cross-training exercises for trail runners. [Runner’s World]


9. How to send the perfect voice note, starting with setting the scene [Man Repeller].

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