9 Things to Know this Week (28 October 2016)

9 Things to know This Week (28 August 2016)

A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories around the web this week9 Things to know This Week (28 August 2016)

  1. Records are meant to be broken, and according to the 2-hour project a sub 2-hour marathon is in the cards in the next five years. They plan on using cutting edge science to shave the 177 seconds needed to get under 2 hours, but their ideal candidates should live a life far removed from science. Running barefoot, living off the land, live in a way that they are used to discomfort, walking long distances and running hard. These people are the Ethiopian candidates and this is a fascinating look into how they actually feel about running and breaking two hours [The Gaurdian]


  1. I fall for food bowls hard. This rainbow whole-wheat coucous bowl with miso tahini sauce is no different [Annett Velsberg]

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  1. Turns out cranberries in juice form or capsules are not the cure to UTI’s [NY Times]


  1. A trip to an aquaria and a jelly fish inspired an artificial heart [The Atlantic]

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  1. 3 ways with spinach. The salad is calling me [Taste]


  1. The Man’s guide to Periods by a man , which also happens to be super informative no matter where you lie on the gender spectrum [Medium]

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  1. 6 Stress Inducing habits to stay clear of [Get Savvi]


  1. The very complicated reason why you’re always late summed up into one complicated excuse “it’s just that the brain maintains separate neural systems for estimating spatial extent and time-to-travel through that space” [The Science of Us]


  1. Another reason to stop counting calories. A new study says there’s little evidence to link hunger to how much you eat. Which explains why second breakfast is very real [The Cut]

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