9 Things to Know this week (29 December 2017)

9 Things 29 December 2017

A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories around the web this week

1. Love this list of 51 things to do and places to see in 2018 and beyond. Yes, it’s an American list so some of the travel options aren’t feasible for us South Africans, but there are plenty of no cost things (# 14, #22 and #44) and #46 is something we’re incredibly lucky to have in our backyard, and something you should do if you can. [Outside Online]


2. Praying this is not why your eyes sometimes sting when you’re swimming. Praying. [Men’s Health]


3. “If humans went extinct tomorrow nothing too much would happen to the planet, but insect extinction could be cataclysmic”. Why bugs are not actually a nuisance. [National Geographic]


4. Good news for people who regularly drop their phones, a team of Japanese researchers teamed up to invent a self-healing glass. Just pinch and cracks disappear. [Digital Trends]


5. If you love trails and bikes, the Knysna trail park is the place to go. [Bicycling]


6. If you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen while on holiday, whip up one of these 25 minute meals. [Taste]


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7. How to naturally cure your fatigue. [Jessica Sepel]


8. How to be a better listener. [The Cut]


9. 10 Pitcher cocktails to shake up this summer. [The Kitchn]


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Zissy Lewin

Zissy Lewin

Zissy is the co-founder of Nutreats. She likes to make things, do things and wear things.
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