9 Things to Know this week (3 August 2018)

9 things to know this week (3 August)

A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories on the web this week


1. A look into the rise of wellness as a status symbol [Marie Claire]


2. The 8 elements to vibrant health [The Chalkboard Mag]


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3. What Jelly Fish, monkeys, bees and plants can teach us about self-care [Shine]


4. 7 habits you’re doing everyday that are making you look older including how you’re spraying on perfume [Greatist]


5. 5 reasons to put Kruger on your “to go to” place [Minkys.co.za]


6. How to train yourself to stay in the moment you’re in [The Cut]


7. Why you forget names and how to remember them [Time]


8. How to make oven dried strawberries that would be great to add into granolas, trail mix, yogurt… [taste]


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9. 5 meal prep safety rules to follow [Kayla Itsines]


Main Collage by Feige Lewin

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