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9 Things To Know This Week (30 April 2021)

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9 Things To Know This Week (30 April 2021)

9 Things To Know This Week (30 April 2021)

1. “Time perception matters because it is the experience of time that roots us in our mental reality. Time is not only at the heart of the way we organize life, but the way we experience it.” A look at why time slows down when we’re afraid, speeds up as we age, and gets warped on vacation. [Brain Pickings]


2. What’s the difference between a sauce, a dip and a condiment? [Refinery29]


3. 5 simple rules to make physical activity stick. [Medium]


4. When recipes don’t turn out how they should, it’s probably because you made this one mistake. [Bon Appetit]


5. A 5-step process to editing your closet. [The Classic Six]


6. A brilliant guide to getting into hiking shape no matter how short or long the hike is. [Outside Online]


7. Common composting mistakes you may be making. [Well + Good]


8. “It sounds paradoxical, but not slowing down will slow you down. By not taking breaks and clearing your stress cycles, you are basically trying to go full force while holding yourself back.” – on reclaiming your weekends. [Shondaland]


9. Notice an uptick of  brown coloured clothing, shoes and homeware? This is why brown is so on trend in fashion and design. [Vox]

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