9 Things to Know This Week (30 June 2017)

9 Things to Know This Week (30 June 2017)

A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories around the web this week


1. No, you can’t eat your way to a food allergy or intolerance. If you’re suddenly having a bad reaction to something you’ve eaten for years, it’s not necessarily that food but something else you’ve changed in your diet. Here’s how to eliminate food in a way that will help you identify what is causing the discomfort [Born Fitness]


2. 4 eco-friendly (and cost efficient) ways to warm up this winter including a ceiling fan hack [Boodywear]


3. The confidence secrets of a poker player and how to learn to familiarize discomfort [Medium]


4. 10 years ago, Apple released the iPhone. A decade later it’s hard to imagine life before smartphones, these 5 videos will transport you back to the launch. The second video which shows people lined up outside the store the night before launch is probably the biggest demonstration as to how iPhone has changed our lives – people lined up with their laptops, to record and share this moment. And the idea of a touch screen was novel! [Fast Company]


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5. Gorgeous stuffed potatoes that are actually healthy [Women’s Health]


6. 9 Reasons you have knee pain and how to fix it [Mind Body Green]


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7. All the things you can use a Ziploc for [Suzelle DIY]


8. 7 small things you can do to improve your swimming [Triathlete]


9. Fidget spinners explained and whether they do anything to relieve stress [Vox]


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Zissy Lewin

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