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9 Things to know This Week (30 November 2018)

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9 Things to know This Week (30 November 2018)

  • A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories on the web this week
9 Things to know This Week (30 November 2018)
  1. How to garden in drought conditions – from choosing a better watering system to choosing better plants [Garden & Home]
  2. A two week workout program that takes 10 minutes a day [PopSugar]
  3. The best discovery I’ve made all week is that the best iPhone alarms are hidden in the Bedtime features which means I’m now going to be gently lulled into an awake state by an ring tone called “early riser” instead of the shrill pierce of “seaside” [NY Mag]
  4. How to give yourself a 15 minute medical checkup [Men’s Health]
  5. How to remember books once you’ve finished reading them [Bustle]
  6. All around the world coffee shops are starting to look the same. The similarities in their design are thanks to Starbucks, Brooklyn NY, instagram and luxury minimalism. [QZ]
  7. The modern pillars of sports nutrition are not just what you eat but when you have it and how personalized it is for you [Outside Online]
  8. How to stay healthy while travelling [Coveteur]
  9. Load shedding is back; here’s how to find the schedule in your city so you don’t find yourself whith no electricity and a half baked loaf of bread in the oven [Business Insider]
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