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9 Things To Read This Week (31 July 2020)

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9 Things To Read This Week (31 July 2020)

Zissy Lewin
9 Things To Read This Week (31 July 2020)

1. How to stop the cycle of doom scrolling. [NPR]


2. An old article but worth the read nonetheless. Words and phrases you should stop saying… because you’re probably using them incorrectly. Why use a big word when a little one will suffice. [HBR]


3. A read for anyone who like myself has spent the past week listening to Taylor Swift’s new album Folklore. The outrageous life of Rebekah Harkness, Swift’s high society muse; and the person some theories are convinced the album revolves around [Vogue].


4. Scrambling is the grey area between hiking and climbing. Here’s how to do it safely and confidently. [Trail Magazine]


5. 8 pressure points for sleep to help switch off a restless mind, ease headaches, nausea and more. [Well + Good]


6. “Perhaps criticism is actually an invitation, and a gateway for growth, deeper living, and richer relationships.” Lessons on receiving constructive criticism. [The Good Trade]


7. How to wash workout clothing to maintain their stretch and minimize their stench. [Outside Online]


8. What you need to know about the changes SARS is making to tax season + what to have in order before August which is tomorrow! [Business Times] ps. If you are auto-assessed and want to reject it, TaxTim has an easy to follow guide which you can read here, and then if you want help with your tax return TaxTim are fantastic and you can learn more about how to use them here.


9. “Diet and exercise should be considered together” when we start thinking about how to improve our health. They affect each other and they influence how each affects us more than we might expect”. As a new study shows high blood sugar levels can undermine the effectiveness of exercise. [NY Times]

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