9 Things to Know This Week (31 March 2017)

9 Things to Know This Week (31 March 2017)

A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories around the web this week

1. The facebook changes you need to know about [Refinery29]


2. The fastest way to recharge after a burnout [Medium]


3. Want to know how much the world has changed since you were born? Input your birthdate here and you can explore your life in History. Things I learnt include the fact that I’m one of the first people who’s never lived in a world without The Oprah Winfrey Show and my life can be split in half – pre Wikipedia and post Wikepedia. Try it out, it’s cool [Atlantic]


4. An easy cauliflower side salad recipe to switch up your salad game [Betty Bake]


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5. How to create a self-cleaning home, no Rumba required [Mind Body Green]


6. Scars to your beautiful will remind you to make sure you’re having an annual checkup, plus there’s common questions about when and how often you should be visiting a gynae [A Dietician’s Diary]


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7. 9 excuses to eat avocado toast every day. The 10th excuse? They’re back in season. [Greatist]


8. If you’re doing Ironman on Sunday you want to avoid these 6 common mistakes [Triathlete]


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9. How to avoid clickbait on nutritional studies (and separate the truth from the not so truth). And no this is not clickbait [Examine]


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