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9 Things to Read This Week (4 June 2021)

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9 Things to Read This Week (4 June 2021)

9 Things to Read This Week (4 June 2021)

1. Try new things. Not too much. Mostly experiences. [The Atlantic]


2. Dr. Aviva Romm on the 10 things she wishes women knew about their health and hormones. [The Chalkboard Mag]


3. 7 ways to actively engage in rest. [Joe Holder]


4. If  you’ve ever wondered about living in the Artic circle or having 24 hours of daylight, Cecilia Blomdahl is the Tik Tok star to follow. [Outside Online]


5. Turns out having a cup of coffee moments after waking isn’t the best time to be drinking if it’s the caffeine boosting benefits you’re after. [Mental Floss]


6. The secret to fluffy scrambled eggs is lemon?! [Well + Good]


7.  “We think motivation leads to action, when — in reality — taking action increases motivation.” From how to overcome lost motivation. [Born Fitness]


8. 8 things to know before growing your own herbs. [Food52]


9. How to deal with revenge bedtime procrastination. [Self]

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