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9 Things to know this week (5 January 2018)

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9 Things to know this week (5 January 2018)

Zissy Lewin
  • A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories on the web this week
9 Things to Know (5 January 2018)
  1. How to stop doing busy work and focus more on high value work [Thrive]
  2. Gluten Free summer granola in under 30 minutes [Trainer Hinton]
  3. Apparently, there’s an order you’re meant to be applying your makeup and this is it [Well + Good]
  4. 10 tips to make prepared lunches so much better [The Kitchn]
  5. The best 5 diets to try in 2018 according to experts [Time]
  6. How a breathing technique called Valsalva can help you lift weights safer, with no back pain and even improve digestion. Also exactly how to do it [Born Fitness]
  7. 3 things to do before setting that next race goal [Triathlete]
  8. The golden rules of travel from the guy whose visited every country in the world [Mind Body Green]
  9. Another reason to exercise – it changes the composition of your microbiome for the better [NY Times]
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