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9 Things to Read This Week (5 March 2021)

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9 Things to Read This Week (5 March 2021)

Zissy Lewin
9 Things to Read This Week (5 March 2021)

1. How to overcome the fear of failure. Turns out it’s to fail and survive. [Atlantic]


2. How to clean a washing machine so it runs like new. [Clever]


3. No kids, but there a definitely days my brain feels “broken” which is according to this a symptom of pandemic stress and multi-tasking; and something many are dealing with. [NY Times]


4. This is a great rundown of the 10 things you need to check in your car before and during a road trip. [Mishke Bosse]


5. “Are there any two more perfect ingredients that are not spices that add flavor to food? These are building blocks of flavor all over the world. By themselves, they’re both remarkable things to work with. But purée them together and this alchemy happens.” excuse me while a make a huge batch of ginger garlic paste. [Bon Appetit]


6. No calorie is devoid of nutrients, because calories are nutrients. Just because some foods deliver fewer nutrients than more nutritious options doesn’t mean they do nothing for you at all. A great article on why there is no such thing as an empty calorie. [Outside Online]


7. Taking a break doesn’t always have to be unplugging. Here’s some ways to take short breaks during the day. [HBR]


8. How much water should you really be drinking? [Mind Body Green]


9. The case for growing younger this year. [You]

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