9 Things to Know this Week (9 September 2016)

9 Things to Know this Week (9 September 2016)


A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories around the web this week

9 Things to Know this Week (9 September 2016)


  1. These 13 things may be sabotaging your run. I’m guilty of #4, 12 and 13 [Bustle]


  1. One pan is all you need to cook this roasted chicken veggie dish! Love that they include must have ingredients and “nice to have” ingredients [You Tube – Three Tipsy Tarts and a Muffin]

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  1. Wayde van Niekerk won gold and broke a world record while running in the worst lane a runner can be given – lane 8. Here’s what you can learn about running blind and embracing the cards you’re dealt to your best advantage [Outside Online]

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  1. 20 mouth-watering vegan ice cream recipes cause it’s spring and feels like summer! [Baking Ginger]


  1. Everything you need to know about the Apple 2016 event and the new Iphone 7 [Good Things Guy]


  1. A new coffee out of Adelaide, Australia is said to be 80 times stronger than espresso and has the ability to keep you up for 18 hours straight. It comes with a “drink at your own risk” note and a part of me is curious to try it! [CNN]


  1. 9 Exaggerated health myths it’s time to stop believing [Refinery29]


  1. 5 Super Easy tips to getting your fridge clean and organised [The Kitchn]


  1. How to cut down your cold by 3 days [Men’s Health]

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