9 Things to know this week (18 March 2016)

9 Things to Know This Week

The best in health, fitness, wellness and lifestyle from around the web this week

9 Things to Know This Week

  1. Your surroundings can be killing you. New research from the World Health Organisation revealed that 12.5 million deaths around the world can be attributed to unhealthy environments [Time]. An initiative which is looking at improving our environments through climate change is Earth hour. You can participate in it this weekend.
  2. Saving water is important, even when it’s rainy. Rainwater harvesting can get complicated. Here’s why you should be doing it and how to do it right [Good Things Guy]
  3. “For a long time my body felt like it belonged to another person, or actually was another person who I just couldn’t figure out how to communicate or connect with”. A personal trainer with autism shares what fitness means to her [Refinery29]
  4. To peel or not to peel? If it’s one of these 3 situations don’t peel your carrots [Pure Wow]
  5. A grain of sand hardly seems complex until you put it under a microscope. Then it becomes these tiny beautiful, intricate and unique grains of matter [Bored Panda]
  6. New research indicates that a treatment may one day lessen the symptoms of Down Syndrome. The question is would parents of Down Syndrome children actually want to administer it to their kid? A mother reflects on what it means, but ultimately concludes (much like this family) that what is needed is a social context that welcomes those who are different [Atlantic]
  7. The greatest fitness tips ever in one place. There are many gems, but my favourites are

Get a routine

Turn Big challenges into small goals

To get faster you must push yourself

Train with a Plan

Maintain Base fitness

Have fun

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to figure out my lactate threshold [outside online]

  1. Love cashews? This is how they grow and why you never see them shelled [Huffington Post]
  2. 4 Way to quieten your noisy blender [The Kitchn]


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