9 Things to Know this week (20 May 2016)

9 Things to Know this week (20 May)

We searched the web for the 9 things to know this week…

9 Things to Know this week (20 May)


  1. High intensity, short workouts are all the rage right. New workouts are promising the same results with less time spent at the gym. These are the pros and cons to short HIIT workouts. [Kayla Itsines]



  1. 7 quick fixes you can do in your garden this weekend. They actually look quick and easy – this coming from the girl who cannot keep a plant alive! Well except for number 7. Planting vegetables is not quick [Garden and Home]


  1. This Cacao Cream Shake is the perfect shake for those chocolate cravings. [Dunes Fit Life]


  1. Just how irritable are you? No really. This test, called the Brief Irritability Test works out if you’re below, average or above. If you get above average, bear in mind you may be suffering from short term irritability (and if you’re tapering for Comrades or living with someone one tapering chances are high). [NYmag]

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  1. 10 secrets of flight attendants including why you should never ask for a Diet Coke. [Mental Floss]


  1. Banting Doesn’t have to break the bank, these tips tell you how. [All 4 Women]

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  1. We’ve been told GMO’s are bad and we should avoid them. A new study published by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine disagrees. The report found that genetically engineered crops pose no additional risks to humans and the environment when compared to conventional crops. [Time]


  1. Logic and a runner, especially a long distance runner, don’t always go hand-in-hand. Meet Peter McCann who’s been pushing off a hip replacement to get his Comrades number 20 [Modern Athlete]

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  1. This time of year is when those sniffles and sneezes set in. The change in temperature combined with the South African denial that it gets really really cold and you need to be properly equipped, means that just about everyone is catching something. If you already have something, go back to bed – it’s too late. If you don’t, follow these 3 steps to prevent anything from coming [Born Fitness]


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