9 Things to know This Week (21 April 2017)

9 Things to know This Week (21 April 2017)

A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories around the web this week


1. Are we wrong about which foods are actually healthy? Whole grains, goji seeds, legumes and squash are thought to be healthy, but according to Steven Gundry, M.D, the lectins they contain are inflammatory and the root cause of a number of health issues [Goop]


2. How to make your own vegetable stock [Taste]


3. Running is contagious and those who share stats online are actually being more motivating than annoying. A new study has shown that if a person logs a longer run than usual, their friends are more likely to go for a longer run as well – even if it’s pouring rain. Women are more influenced by fellow females and likewise men will be more competitive with other males. And the kicker – it’s the slower runs that provoke the biggest effect, which I fully understand. There’s nothing like the sound of someone who’s normally slower than I am clicking at my heels to get me sprinting. [Tonic]


4. If you were following Tim Noakes on Twitter in 2014, you may remember the tweet he sent to a mom about weaning her baby onto a LCHF diet. It landed him in court and 3 years later he’s been found not guilty [Huffington Post]. Question now is will his next book be called “Banting Babies”?


5. Explanations including GIFs for those phrases fitness instructors love to use. Read balanced on your sits bones [Greatist]


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6. How to DIY the cozziest most hygge chunky knit blanket. Which according to the instructions takes less than 2 hours and requires zero knitting experience. If anyone knows where to get super chunky yarn, let me know asap [Brit+Co]


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7. 10 Ways to eat your daily serving of protein [The Kitchn]


8. 26 of the best trips to take right now. South Africa comes in at number 14 [Outside Online]


9. 7 Strength moves to boost your run [Women’s Health]

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