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9 Things to Know This Week

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9 Things to Know This Week

Zissy Lewin
  • 9 things to know this week in health, wellness and lifestyle from around the web
9 Things to Know This Week
  1. You can stop compulsively closing every app on your iPhone or Android. Both Apple and Google have decided to let a huge cat out the bag. Closing apps is not saving your battery life, in fact it might make it worse. Now to try break that habit. [Wired]
  2. The Harvard Innovation lab created one of the best GIF’s ever. Watch how 35 years of apps has transformed your work desk [Jklie]
  3. Doing a marathon is hard and tiring. Doing a marathon every day, for 27 days straight, now that’s just crazy! But that’s exactly what British Comedian Eddie Izzard did. He raised over R30 million for charity and completed his trek in Pretoria [Runners World]
  4. 9 Reasons why you’re feeling sluggish during workouts [Women’s Health]
  5. There’s a lot of focus on the physical fitness, nutrition and sleep aspects of training. Now the focus is moving to the mind. If you want to improve your performance you need to work on your mind. In order to be better you need to push yourself past your limits and that’s where mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness is the key to managing fatigue, stress, anxiety and exhaustion in a way that allows you to push past what you perceive is possible [Outside Online]
  6. 11 ways to reduce your sugar intake from beginner to advanced [The Chalkboard Mag]
  7. Just in time for the long weekend, 5 recipes that will change the way you braai [Taste]
  8. This past Tuesday was World Water Day and Suzelle along with Helen Zille havet the best water saving tips [You Tube]
  9. How to boost post-race recovery, just in time for Two Oceans tomorrow [All4Women]
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