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9 Things to know this week (6 January 2017)

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9 Things to know this week (6 January 2017)

Zissy Lewin
  • A weekly series that highlights 9 things to know from the best stories around the web this week
9 Things to know this week (6 January 2017)
  1. Ever swiped your iphone screen to find a map notification telling you it will take 15 minutes to get to work? Turns out there’s a secret map in your phone that tracks where you’ve been and how long you were there for [Business Insider]
  2. The moving Adidas advert that Adidas didn’t want to see [Huffington Post]
  3. Do you ever actually read nutritional labels? And if you do how much of them do you understand? This list breaks down 100 ingredients commonly found on packaged foods, explains what they are and what they’re used for [Life Hacker
  4. I once heard and by heard I mean saw something on Facebook that Israel has the least amount of people with peanut allergies. The reason? Bamba, the popular peanut butter snack (think a Fling that tastes like peanut butter) which kids eat young. Turns out there may be truth to that. Scientists are now saying the way to prevent a peanut butter allergy is to give kids peanut butter not avoid it as previously thought. [Vox]
  5. Frenchman Robert Marchand set a new world record Wednesday when he cycled 22.547 kilometers in an hour. That may sound unremarkable until you learn he is 105 years old. [NPR]
  6. How to master a fish braai this summer [Men’s Health]
  7. How to make your own almond milk at home [The Pretty Blog]
  8. 6 exercises you should do every day to increase mobility and balance [Outside Online]
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