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9 Things You Need to Know This Week (17 June)

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9 Things You Need to Know This Week (17 June)

Zissy Lewin
  • 9 Things you need to know this week from the best stories around the web
9 Things to Know this Week 17 June
  1. Caroline Wostmann reflects on her 2016 Comrades race, giving us a glimpse into what really happened in the run up to Comrades and during the race. Lines like “I laughed because in my obvious and clearly evident physical weakness I had never felt stronger or more empowered. I was humbled. I was a Comrades Marathon Finisher” will only make you a bigger fan. It is clear that Caroline will be back.
  2. This is the original recipe for sweet potato toast taking over Instagram. If you’ve tried it, share how it went in the comments [Little Bits of]
  3. Our bodies get critiqued like objects, we have to present the right image in addition to being the right age, too much makeup is a bad thing but not enough clothes and a tattoo makes you a tramp, and we may even get judged for a silly thing we say on top of a mountain above 10,000ft” A critique of the female trail runner every woman can identify with [Trail Sisters]
  4. The Buckwheat banana and blueberry pancake Landie Greyling eats after she runs [Landie Greyling]
  5. A world Health Organisation panel of experts on cancer risks just declared that drinking coffee can protect against certain cancers. Unless it’ too hot, in which case it increases the risk of others. This article explains exactly what that means for you [Vox]
  6. Does working out in the cold burn more calories? It may but you want to be underdressed [Outside Online]
  7. Exercise is healthy until it’s not. These are the dangers of exercise addiction [Training Peaks]
  8. Not only does phone usage affect your eyesight and posture, it can also cause what’s called a “compulsion loop” in your brain—the same one associated with nicotine or cocaine. These are the crazy ways your smart phone is affecting your health [Greatist]
  9. 10 Kitchen Hacks to make your life easier [Taste]
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