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9 Things to Know This Week (20 January 2017)

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9 Things to Know This Week (20 January 2017)

  • A weekly series, 9 Things to know is made up of the best reads from around the web 
9 Things to Know this Week 20 January 2017
  1. “Running is sublimely lonely”. That was until Strava came along and made each lonely run a social affair. Can we run without it? Well, I’ve never started so for me it’s a yes, I run quite happily alone. For the runners I know who use Strava, the appeal of competing to get the fastest time on a route is most likely too much to give up [Outside Online]
  2. 5 Easy Hikes to do in Cape Town [Travel with Lamb]
  3. A photography project that shows how much sugar is hiding in your food [Fast Co Exist]
  4. The danger of following fitness gurus on social media and when unfollowing them becomes healthier. A poignant article on a [unrealistic) #goals obsessed social media culture. [Greatist]
  5. How to cure pms, headaches and upset stomachs naturally [Coveteur]
  6. The best ride spots in Joburg and what to order [Bicycling]
  7. Hold the Turmeric. It may not be a magical spice after all [The Science of Us]
  8. The easiest things you can do now to feel more organised [Mind Body Green]
  9. The difference between saving and investing [Student Brands]
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