9 Things to Know This Week 22 April 2016

9 Things to Know this week 22 April 2016

9 Things to know this week from the best articles in health, fitness, wellness and lifestyle from around the web

9 Things to Know this week 22 April 2016

  1. Another long weekend is around the corner. If you’re debating whether or not to get away maybe these 10 affordable off the beaten track South African getaways will sway you [All4Women]


  1. Climate change is melting Everest. New research shows that higher temperatures around the world’s tallest peak are thawing its glaciers, which could spell doom for villages in the Khumbu Valley. A group of researchers will be returning to Everest this year to determine how fast the world’s highest glaciers are melting [Outside Online]

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  1. We’re socialised from birth to get excited about cake. And it’s not only coming from TV or their surroundings its coming from some of the most popular children’s books [The Cut]


  1. If it’s served in a bowl, chances are it’s good. This speedy Asian beef and noodle bowl looks like our kind of winter comfort food [A foodie lives here]


  1. “The happy moments were numerous but so were the dark ones, the depleted core ones, the ones where cataclysmic destruction is imminent. Gritting the teeth in desperation as drool splatters your face from ragged deep breaths that are begging your body to give your more willing your legs to find reserves”. If the Cape Epic is on your bucket list you need to understand that it is THAT hard [Marathon MTB]


  1. He’s the official Comrades coach (and coach to winner Caroline Wostmann) so he knows about pacing. These are Lindsey Parry’s tips on how to handle the 89km that is the Comrades down run [Coach Parry]

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  1. Banana Protein Bars fit for an athlete, made by a coach [Trainer Hinton]


  1. I’m personally skeptical of all cleanses. Consuming nothing but liquids or one type of food in minute proportions will lead to weight loss. You’re starving yourself. But I’ve never actually done one (I like to chew my food) so what would I know. Tara Fuller, on the other hand has done them all. This is why she’s against them and what she does now instead [Greatist]


  1. 3 crazy things your fitbit can tell you, one of which is pregnancy!

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