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9 Things to Know this Week (29 April 2016)

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9 Things to Know this Week (29 April 2016)

  • 9 things to know this week in health, fitness and lifestyle 
9 Things to know this week 29 April 2016
  1. The next time you buy a handbag it may just be made out of fruit waste. Leather expert Carmen Hijosa has found a way to turn pineapple leaves into plant based leather [Fast Co Exist]
  2. A simple recipe for roasted figs, honey and rosemary [WW Taste]. We think they’ll go delightfully with these Gluten Free Buckwheat Crepes.
  3. “Imagine a marathon where the men run 26 miles and 385 yards but the “girlies” event is, say, 15 miles. The men get all the glory and TV coverage as they are doing a “proper job” while the girls are “allowed” to be there on the day. Welcome to the reality in the world of elite cycling where sexism is by design”. A spat between elite cyclists Jess Varnish and Shane Sutton spark accusations around equality in professional cycling [The Gaurdian]
  4. The science behind the internet’s obsession with coloured food [Eater]. Embrace the obsession without the colourants by choosing colourful fruits and veggies (avocado and mango roses anyone?)
  5. 8 Foods that will help you sleep better [Well + Good]
  6. This is why some people can eat more carbohydrates than others [Greatist]
  7. What never to say to a friend trying to get pregnant and what to say instead [Refinery29]
  8. 10 gym bag hacks every women should know [Women’s Stuff]
  9. A lot can be discovered in a year. Here’s 7 things discovered about earth since last Earth Day. Homo Naledi was just one of them [Vox]
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