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9 Things to Read This Week (26 February)

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9 Things to Read This Week (26 February)

  • the 9 best stories around the web this week
9 Things To Read 26 Feb


  1. How to make your medical aid benefits last longer [All4Women]
  2. Give me over ripe bananas, I’ll make banana bread. Next on the list will be this refined sugar free and gluten free banana bread [A foodie Lives Here]
  3. Exercise is good for you. Up to a point. If these 5 things sound familiar, you may want to back off the cardio and add more weights [Mind Body Green]
  4. Facebook has boiled humanity down to six emotions. From now on don’t just like a post, show some emotion [Tech Crunch] PS. Pop onto our Facebook page, like it (we’re old fashioned like that) and then tell us how you feel about what we’re putting up!
  5. It’s always fascinating seeing how people around the world do things differently to you. To draw attention to the difficulty of giving birth in regions where water is scarce and hospitals so bare, expectant moms need to bring everything they could possibly need, Water Aid dispatched photographers to ask expecting and brand-new moms in various countries to open up their hospital bags. [The Atlantic] South Africa was not on the list, so we’re wondering what do our moms-to-be bring to the hospital?
  6. The latest news in the advancement of HIV cure and prevention is two major new studies involving over 4 500 women. The study involved a flexible and inexpensive ring that is inserted into the vagina, where it slowly releases an antiviral drug, helped protect African women against contracting H.I.V. from their sexual partners. Protection was not complete but this is still a huge advancement in the prevention of HIV in African women [NY Times]
  7. Ironman is just over a month away. If you’ve hit a plateau or are feeling over trained these tips will help [Triathlete Magazine]
  8. Cravings often indicate a nutrient your body is missing, but it can also be connected to emotions [Kayla Itsines]
  9. Raise your hands if you know of anyone who started cycling because of wonky knees. Contrary to what you would think, the best thing for achy knees is exercise. And these are the 8 exercises you should be doing [Bicycling]
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